Miles Monday 3/30

Hi there! 

Here’s a quick recap of last week:

Monday- SpinCore 

Tuesday- 5 mile run

Wednesday- OFF

Thursday- OFF

Friday- OFF

Saturday- 10 miles

Total Weekly Miles- 15 miles! 

I knew the 10 miler would be hard so I purposely took a few days off before. I think it will be my only double-digit run before the half! 

1/2 Marathon Countdown: 20 days

25k Run: 40 days 

Have a great week!! Here are some pics from Saturday:




I read a really awesome blog post yesterday! You can check it out HERE! It’s the basis for this post today. 

I’ll be the first to admit that I take several pictures to find the most flattering angle before posting. I’m sure this is true with 99% of people who post pictures to social media. I started this blog to share my journey. The good, bad and the ugly. I hope that’s apparent in every post that you read.

So, if for any reason you thought I looked like this all the time…  

Just remember, I’m as awkward as they come…  *top left pic was taken in black and white to begin with!  

Have an awesome Thursday! 

Have to vs. Get to

Oh hey, Wednesday! Looking good friend. I think the thing I’m looking forward to the most is NOT having to run today. I had an extremely shitty (for lack of a better and more appropriate word) 5-mile run yesterday. I was a grump and didn’t want to do it AT ALL. I decided to suck it up, after a lot of convincing from a friend. And by convincing I mean her telling me 45 times “just go do it”. She knows how important running is to me and how much better it makes me feel, so I’m really lucky to have such a good friend who can yell and be so mean ;). I finally got down to the treadmill and struggled through each and every mile.  

I tried really hard to stay positive and appreciate the fact that I get to run. I was talking to Bear later last night and kept finding myself saying ‘I have to run 10 miles this weekend’. I made myself change my attitude and say ‘I get to run 10 miles’ instead. I realized that I’m really lucky to be where I am fitness-wise, especially considering where I started. I am injury free so far this training cycle (knock on wood) and am already so much further with my mileage than I was when I trained last year. Plus, I do this for fun! As crazy as it may be, nobody is making me do it. I enjoy putting on spandex pants and running until I can’t walk and have blisters and chaffing and spend more on running shoes than 10 pairs of normal shoes combined. So, 5 miles later, I didn’t appreciate it at the time but I definitely do now. Another training run in the books.  

 I even did it in my new Brooks seamless ombre running capris, which are pretty amazing.  

Breakfast was the first green smoothie in a long time, lunch was a kale salad and grilled chicken. 

 And because I was starving after my run I came home and devoured some gluten free spaghetti. Carbs, baby. All the carbs. 

We ended up heading to Downtown Holland for the night to Our Brewing for trivia! So much fun even though our team was in dead last most of the night. I need to brush up on my NASA, cartoon and river knowledge!  

 Hope you’re having a great week! Enjoy your workouts because you GET to do them! Push through and you’ll be thankful you did. 🙂 

3 Secrets

I’m definitely not a Facebook person but I am really digging the Timehop app. If you’re not familiar, you log in through Facebook and/or Instagram and it shows you all of the extremely embarrassing things that you’ve posted on your page thought the years. It’s a really great reminder of how awkward I really am! All joking aside, it’s reminded me of some really awesome times that I’ve forgotten about, like my trip to South Korea 4 years ago! 

 A few days ago it showed me this post that I put up several years back: 

 It’s kind of crazy to me that I posted it considering where I was with my life at that time. I didn’t embrace my passions because I didn’t really know who I was, took absolutely no risks and, worst of all, I was extremely self critical and just plain mean to myself about a lot of different things. Derek had moved an hour away to a different city for work after college, I was stuck in a job that I hated and my self esteem was at an all time low. I was surrounded by people who loved me, so I made it out alive 🙂 and, compared to most, my life really wasn’t that bad, but it just shows me that I was either a) lying to myself at that time or b) desperate for things to change and for that quote to be true (or probably a combination of both). I feel like finally, 5 years later, I have a much better idea of who I am and what makes me happy. I’ve embraced myself and am really learning to love me for me. Last year was a real turning point in my life, so I can’t wait to see what 2015 brings! 

In fitness news, I FINALLY made it back to a spin class for the first time in way too long!! 

 I cancelled my gym membership and, much to my excitement, my work is now offering spin classes (in addition to a bunch of other great ones!). Today was a spin core class, which is 30 minutes of spin and 15 minutes of abs. During spin I couldn’t wait to start the abs portion and during abs I wanted back on the bike!! I have a feeling I’m going to be sore! I’m glad I pushed myself to go because I so wasn’t feeling it. Never miss a Monday! 

My dinner from Sunday was pretty amazing- sushi and Silk Neapolitan ice cream (weird combo but pretty delicious anyway) and I wasn’t sure how I was going to top it.    *note: ice cream is 10x better when cuddled up in front of a fire. We decided to have our last fire of the season. 😦

Somehow I did! I was starving, so I came home and immediately threw some chicken into the oven for chicken sandwiches: Seriously the best quick meal and it hit the spot! Gluten free 7-grain bread with avocado and grilled chicken. I could eat this for every meal every day! 

It was a great start to the week! I’m already ready for the weekend, but I suppose I’ll be patient! Happy Tuesday! 

Miles Monday & Update!

Happy Mondayyyy! I swear it was just Friday like 2 seconds ago!

Since I failed at blogging last week, I wanted to give an update on both last week’s miles and what’s been going on lately.

  • Last Monday I mentioned that we went rock climbing…so. much. fun. I honestly cannot wait to go again. I am amazed at how much lower body strength I have and just how challenging rock climbing can be! I think it’ll be a great way to measure my fitness level as it increases (or decreases..let’s hope not!!). Plus, the gear is just so attractive! 😉        
  • I’ve been sampling new flavors of Gu for my 1/2 marathon and 25k, which are going to be here before I know it! Last weekend I tried the Jet Blackberry flavor, which was REALLY good. On Saturday I tried Caramel Macchiato and holy yum it was so good! I’m lucky that my body reacts really well to fuel during runs, especially if it’s energy gels. I’m not a huge fan of Shot Blocks that you actually have to chew. I can barely just run in a straight line on the treadmill, let alone have to think about chewing and not choking! So now it’s the fun part of just figuring out what flavors I like best!    
  • It’s sort of warming up here in the mitten, which means I can actually walk outside during the day and not hibernate like a troll. I love the fresh air and can’t wait for summer! And we even broke out the grill one night!   
  • This weather is also making me crave hard cider. A lot.   
  • I have a strange new obsession with M&M’s. I think it’s because of all of the new (or at least new to me) flavors they have out. Carrot Cake is probably my favorite so far, but I’ve had Dark Chocolate Peanut and Birthday Cake and none of the flavors disappoint!    
  • My breakfasts have gotten extremely boring, but also extremely delicious. I don’t know why, but I’ve been too lazy to throw 3 ingredients into a blender for a smoothie (the struggle is real), so I’ve been dumping 2 ingredients into a container and adding water at work. Oatmeal with a scoop of natural peanut butter is my new go-to…can’t stop, won’t stop.    
  • I was accidentally festive and wore my Irish Jig 5k shirt from last year’s run on St. Paddy’s Day. Totally accidental, but kind of a cool coincidence.  
  • I’m trying SO hard to convince Bear to build me a pizza oven in the back yard. My bff (Ashley) introduced me to the world’s best homemade pizza crust recipe and I haven’t been able to think of anything else since! I just think this pizza oven is a necessity. That is all. 😉    
  • I spent Friday in GR at the Griffin’s Game with one of my favorites.  
  • I have mastered the ‘change out of sweaty gym clothes into clean gym clothes and attempt to wear them all day as real life clothes’. It’s a gift.  
  • Only 4 more weeks of lecture and then 1 week for finals and I’m DONE with my 3rd semester (out of 5!!) of Grad School! I registered for my last 2 semesters of class and can see the end in sight! Only 405 days left ’til graduation…yes, I have a countdown on my phone!
  • Speaking of countdown: 210 days left until the Detroit Marathon!!!!

I think that about sums it up. My week looked like this fitness-wise:

  • Monday: Cross Training
  • Tuesday: 5 mile run
  • Wednesday: Rest
  • Thursday: 6 mile run (broken up into 2 miles & 4 miles because of my crazy work schedule)
  • Friday: 20 min of abs (I got bored)
  • Saturday: 9 mile run
  • Sunday: Rest
  • Total Miles: 20 miles 

Lots of icing of the knees, lots of snuggling with the cats, lots of M&M’s. It was a great week!      

Have an AMAZING day! 

Miles Monday- Full Crazy

You may have seen the half marathon pictures with runners that say something to the effect of ‘I only run 13.1 because I’m only half crazy’. Well, apparently I am full crazy, because two weeks ago this happened:

I signed up for a freaking marathon! And it’s only 230 days away. That may seem like a long time to most, but I’ll need all the time I have to convince myself that my body can actually run 26.2 miles. Ahh!! I am so nervous and excited and about 100 other emotions! And I’ve been living in my Run Detroit hoodie!

I should probably be focusing a little more on my half marathon, considering its in less than 40 days (!!!), but work and school are obviously continuing to take priority.

Since I missed a couple weeks with midterms and being sick I decided to make a new schedule and pick it back up a little more hardcore than I have been. 

M- XT 

T- 5 miles 


Th- 6 miles

F- Rock Climbing

Sa- 8 miles


I’m hoping to be able to focus a little more on blogging, but I’ve said that before, so who knows how this is going to go. I certainly want to document my training as much as possible as it helps me remember how far I’ve come in my journey, especially on the not so good training days. 

What to Eat Wednesday- 1 Pan Meal


Yep, I missed my Miles Monday post because I didn’t run a single mile last week. Not one. Nor did I do a single crunch, push-up or squat. I took a break to focus on resting my body and mind, in addition to having so much homework throughout the week it wasn’t even funny. But, no worries, I am definitely paying for it. I felt pretty terrible last week as I really do get so much energy and happiness from working out. I also had a horrible ‘first run back’ yesterday, so a full week of rest is certainly not on my radar anytime soon.

So I wanted to share one of my favorite recipes with you today! I am a huge fan of meals that take zero prep and time. I also love meals that require very little clean up. Therefore, this dish is absolutely perfect for me. Here’s a picture to keep your interest:

Yep, steam and all.

I take 1lb of ground beef and cook it in a pan with 1/2 of an onion and garlic powder to taste. Once the burger is almost done, I add mushrooms and broccoli (chopped up into smaller pieces).

Once the veggies are cooked, I add about 1/2 of a cup of salsa. This really takes it to the next level, so don’t skip this step!

Once the veggies are cooked, I add a mountain of spinach.

Okay, so I lied because I also cook a pot of brown rice at the same time, so it’s a two pan meal. Spoon the ground beef and veggie mix over brown rice and enjoy!

It’s such an easy meal and you can really tailor it to whatever veggies and meat that you want. You can sub ground beef for ground turkey or quinoa for rice, get crazy with your bad self!

It’s even better when you eat it on the living room floor while watching The Bachelor. These b’s are straight crazy this season. It’s like watching a train wreck and I just can’t look away.

Only one rule for the meal: If you try it you have to let me know how you like it!!

Bon appétit!

5 Favorites Friday- Comfort for the Win

It’s Friday!! That means it’s almost the weekend AND you get to see my 5 Friday favorites! Aren’t you lucky!

Last week I showed you my picks for my 5 favorite running related gear. When I’m not running I’m either working, in class or studying. I know, it’s a very thrilling life ;). As soon as I finish a long run on the weekend I (reluctantly) shower and change into sweats as quickly as possible. I love comfortable clothes. I even have ‘nice’ sweatpants, which I will argue are acceptable for running errands and just generally going out in public. Bear will argue otherwise (rude!). Either way, I pretty much live in them when I’m not at work or school. I consider myself an expert of comfort, so here are some of my favorites:

1- Albion Fit Summit Leggings

These leggings are a recent addition and I love them because they’re the perfect mix of fashion and comfort. I’ve worn them with a long tunic and boots and then as pajamas.

2. TBV Apparel Oh Kale Yes! Shirt

I love this shirt not only because it feeds my love of kale, but it is so comfy and loose. I can’t stand tight shirts, so this one is perfect.

3. Cabela’s Short Toe Moccasin

A friend bought me these for Christmas and they are so comfy, soft and incredibly warm. Like, feet sweat warm.

4. Threshold Microplush Blanket

We got this blanket as a wedding shower gift and I probably have used it every day for 3 1/2 years. It’s amazing. I got the king size so it’s extra long and actually covers my legs!

5. Victoria’s Secret PINK Tee

Again, I’m not one for tight tees, so these are great. They’re comfy and can be worn around the house or dressed up with a scarf and jeans to run errands.

There you have it. My 5 comfy favorites. Because, who are we kidding, real pants suck. 😉

Happy Friday!


What to Eat Wednesday- Raw Veggie Challenge

So I’d like to devote Wednesdays to be about all things food related. I like to experiment with new recipes when I have time, so I’ll share those along the way.

I do not love veggies. True story. I can eat carrots and cucumbers all day long, but I gag thinking about raw broccoli (even though I LOVE it cooked) and have hated tomatoes all my life. I know that I NEED to start incorporating more veggies into my daily meal plans, so I’ve decided to challenge myself for the month of February. I’m hoping that this will help me learn to like some of the things that I hate. Hoping. I have a large Tupperware container that I plan to fill with veggies each morning and my goal is to finish it by the end of the day. Easy enough, right? Well, I started on Sunday and literally gagged after eating a cherry tomato. I would rather have challenged myself to run 100 miles a day because that seems much less torturous to me.

Wish me luck, because this isn’t going to be pretty!

Have a great day & go eat your veggies!

Weekly Recap & Miles Monday #2

Hey there!
Well, the weekend came and went in the blink of an eye and it’s Monday AND February.

Last week was OK workout-wise, but this weather is really starting to mess with my motivation!

Monday- TIU workout
Tuesday- 5 mile run
Wednesday- TIU workout
Thursday- OFF
Friday- 2.5 mile run
Saturday- OFF

My Friday run didn’t go as planned AT ALL. I ate a huge lunch, which I didn’t let settle, and had a stabbing pain while I was running. It wasn’t good and I’m lucky I even made it as far as I did. =\ Oh well, lesson learned there!

I am SO excited because I finally mustered up the courage to sign up for the two fall races that I’ve been eyeing for the spring. I’m not sure where the motivation came from, but I took a leap and am so excited and nervous and about a million other emotions!

I will be running the Gazelle Girl 1/2 marathon on April 19 and the 5/3 Riverbank Run 25K on May 9. Let’s just take a second to think about this. A 25K. As in 15.5 miles. As in my longest run to date. Eek! I think it will tell me whether or not I have it in me to run another 9 miles for a marathon in the fall (after a LOTTTTTTT of training). If I complete both races I get a double down medal (bottom picture) in addition to the other two finisher medals. Gotta love the race bling!

I love running and I really love pushing myself and challenging myself to reach my full potential. I cannot wait to start training! It’s not always easy but it is so worth it.

I hope you have an amazing Monday!