2015 Race Goals Recap 3- Running Between the Vines 1/2 Marathon

If you’re just joining and want to catch up on the races I’ve recently recapped from my 2015 running year, check them out here: Part 1 + Part 2!

June 27- Lake Michigan Seaway 1/2 Marathon or 15K (we’ll see, this is coming up quick!)

July 18/19- Either the Petoskey Bear River Crawl 10k or Chicago RnR 1/2 Marathon (These two are still VERY tentative) DID NOT RUN

August 15- Running Between the Vines 1/2 Marathon

August 29- Hard Cider Run 5k  DID NOT RUN

September 12- Holland Haven 1/2 Marathon DID NOT RUN

September 26- Tough Mudder!!! I’m actually already registered for this one with a team and borderline terrified for my life!

October 18- Detroit Free Press MARATHON! {oh hey, did you hear I signed up for a marathon? ;)}


Again, I had no idea what I was getting myself into (maybe I should start doing a little more research before I sign up…), so I didn’t really have any expectations going into this race. Running Between the Vines 1/2 Marathon is on the east side of Michigan, and I had never run a race over there before- I’m more of a lakeshore runner, so I was already out of my comfort zone! I ran with a friend who had just had a baby a few months prior, so our plan was to just do what we could and have fun while we ran.

The course was all dirt, back-road style with the exception of the end, which was through a really, crazy nice neighborhood. I am SO glad I didn’t pick this race with a goal to PR because in the 13.1 miles that we ran, there were rolling hills (ranging from medium to hard intensity-wise) for at least 10 of them. Luckily, I had already been training with the Gazelle group for a few months, and hill/speed work is incorporated into the training plan, because it took everything in me not to stop and walk up a few of them. My training in the past had been mediocre at best, with a focus on quantity over quality, which usually waned toward the end of the training cycle. I’m so happy to have had some quality training sessions under my belt to keep me motivated to power through. It also helped to have someone running with me to push me through as well!

We crossed the finish line together in 2:07:58 and I can honestly say I didn’t have a lot left in me at the end. Maybe it would have been a little different had I mentally prepared myself for those hills, but I just kept thinking ‘this has to be the last one’ as I looked a quarter mile ahead, in shock, and saw another monster and knew that I was dead wrong.

The medals themselves were pretty cool- wine stoppers- and each runner got an engraved wine glass as well. So the bling definitely made up for the pain from the hills (okay, sort of). All in all this was a fun race, but I don’t know that I’d love to repeat the course again. That’s maybe probably just me being scared, but it certainly wasn’t one of my favorites.


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