Memorial Day Weekend Recap

Happy ‘Tuesday that feels like a Monday’!

It was a great LONG Memorial Day weekend here in the mitten relaxing with friends.

Friday the hubs and I relaxed at home, and Saturday I got up and headed to GR for brunch and yoga with some friends. It was a Soul Pose session, which was outdoors in GR. It was the PERFECT weather for it and a great way to relax and get in some much needed stretching. It was put on by the same company who does the Color Runs, where you wear white and they spray you with color as you run by. Luckily, it was a LOT less messy and they just had bubbles and confetti this time! 🙂 

 We hit up an awesome restaurant on our way out for some fresh pressed juice, called Freshii. I will definitely be heading back the next time I’m in the area and would love to try them out for lunch. It’s a great menu with fresh veggies and clean eating meal options. I opted for the carrot+apple+ginger juice that was pretty amazing. I’m definitely not used to the temperature of the fresh juices, and could have used a little ice. But other than that I would HIGHLY recommend this place. 

    We headed to the beach on Saturday afternoon and played sand volleyball (holy workout!) with a group of friends and then hopped on a boat and cruised down to Saugatuck to Coral Gables for dinner and drinks. 

      I had every intention of running on Sunday until the weather ruined those plans. It was gloomy and rainy all afternoon, so we squeezed in a quick bike ride and laid low the rest of the day.

Monday was not much better weather-wise, but it died down enough toward the end of the day to allow us to head to Riley Trails for a 4-mile trail run. It was SO humid, windy, sandy and HILLY, but a great workout. 

   It felt great to run again for the first time since Riverbank (recap still coming soon!), which was good considering I now only have 145 days until my MARATHON (yes, I just had a panic attack typing that!).  

 Hope you have an amazing day!

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