Monday was a struggle. I don’t know if it’s the antibiotics that I’ve been taking, the fact that it was Monday, or the fact that I ran 3 consecutive miles on Sunday for the first time in 2 weeks, but my body just wasn’t having it.

I woke up feeling just fine, other than a little sore in my knees. I made it to spin and was looking forward to class, but as soon as it started I was locked on the clock.

I was hot, my muscles ached, and I felt like every small turn of my bike turned the intensity up from a 1 to an 8. BUT, I survived. Not sure how, but I made it through.

I spent the evening watching The Biggest Loser and eating Justin’s pb cups.

Ps they’re definitely the best when they’re frozen.

It’s been a struggle for me getting motivated since the 1/2 marathons ended. It’s only just now been a month, so I have to realize that it will take some time, but it’s becoming very discouraging. I’ll get there, because I have more work that I want to do, but I think it’s gonna take some baby steps!

Have an awesome day!

Jump Start

I decided to jump into the week head first with workouts. I hit up crossfit class at lunch, and realized how weak my arms have gotten.


It wasn’t as terrible as I expected considering I haven’t really done a cardio workout class in quite some time.

I rekindled my love for Justin’s almond butter, too. The $12 Honeycrisp didn’t hurt either.

After work I was in the mood for some more cardio, so I headed to spin class. I wasn’t feeling great in the morning so I let myself sleep and opted for what ended up being a harder instructor.

Yesterday I had the worst headache ever and zero time to pee during the day let alone work out, so I made a quick Starbucks trip instead for a caffeine fix.

It didn’t work. I ended up having to take 2 excedrin migraines anyway and ended up out of control jittery during class. It wasn’t ideal.

I’ve been trying the ‘workout overload’ method in an attempt to kick start myself back into full time again after a week off. Migraines are making it difficult, but we’ll see how it goes.

Have a great Wednesday!

Wine Weekend

Well, I think I’m actually back for real this time now that my brain is not filled with managerial accounting theories that have literally been haunting my dreams. We spent the past weekend with friends at the Traverse City State Park to unwind.

We got up there Friday early evening after working a 1/2 day and Starbucks was our first stop when we saw how cold and rainy it was.

The hubs said it best:

Luckily, we have a propane grill that we could use to cook food and didn’t have to rely on the fire.

Saturday we had plans of wine tasting, which was about all we could do since it was freezing and gloomy.

Our first stop was Blue Tractor for lunch, which was amazing. They have some of the best sweet potato fries and mashed potatoes I have ever had!

Our first winery stop was a shady little place on our way up the peninsula. It wasn’t fancy, and the owners were pretty mean, but the tastings were free, so that was ideal.

Our second stop was to 45 North, which had some amazing wine.

They also had ciders and really fruity wines to try, but they were a bit pricy.

Our third stop was Leelanau Cellars, which I forgot to take a picture of, but it’s typically my wine of choice.

We hit up Northern Latitude Distillery for our last stop. It was pretty awesome and we were feeling good by the time we left. We even squeezed in a Bloody Mary before we left.

It was an awesome weekend. We got home in time to put the pop up away for the season (heartbreaking) and snuggle up by the fire with homework.

And because I’m officially too old to dress up for Halloween:

Sounds about right! 😉

Have a great Monday!

Hi There

After a week of hating exercise and having absolutely no motivation to go to the gym at morning, noon or night, I am back. I just couldn’t do it and I have absolutely no explanation as to why other than I just didn’t want it. I know what I have to do to reach my goals and I just didn’t feel like doing it last week.

I’m back with determination and a much better attitude and looking forward to setting some goals for myself to keep me on track from here on out.

Hope you had a great week and didn’t miss me too much 😉

Weekly Recap (9/29-10/5)

Monday (9/29):
– AM spin class
– Ab video

Tuesday (9/30):
– AM group power class

Wednesday (10/1):

Thursday (10/2):
– AM spin class

Friday (10/3):
– Rest
Saturday (10/4)
– AM spin class

There were a few more rest days in there than I’d have liked. We’ll just say that it was the first ‘getting back into the swing of things’ week. My goal is to just improve from here until my crazy ambitious workout schedule becomes normal.

Happy Monday!!

I. Hurt.

I am sore. Holy group power and spin class. Literally every muscle in my legs, butt, abs and arms are sore. Every. Last. One. Sitting down to pee is quite the challenge.

I sucked on Wednesday and skipped working out. My alarm went off at 4:45am and laid in bed for a minute thinking about how exhausted I was from getting my body re-adjusted to morning workouts and late-into-the-night classes after working all day. I would have been completely fine but I had accounting last night and would have never survived. I’ve been having a minor panic attack about the midterm exam that is coming up in a couple of weeks, so I wanted to be 100% focused in class and gave myself a pass. I’m hoping I can wake up early Saturday and Sunday to keep it going so that next week isn’t too much of a shock for me when my alarm goes off!

I did manage to get up yesterday at the crack of dawn to hit up group power.


I spared you my 5am face in that first picture. You’re welcome.

I tried so hard to be awesome like the instructor I was telling you about yesterday but because of my weak muscles and how sore I was I used about 1/16 of the weight that she did. I’ll get there though!!

Waking up early and working out right away gets my metabolism going like no other. I had my usual protein shake after class while I was getting ready, which usually holds me off until around 10am ‘snack time’, but I got into work and my stomach was already growling. I devoured a packet of oatmeal in about 2 bites.

This gluten free Chex oatmeal is the best! I’m pretty sure it’s all sugar, but I don’t even care. It tastes amazing and I don’t eat it every day, so when I do I enjoy my day-long sugar high.

If you’re looking for another amazing snack you have to try this popcorn asap!


It’s delicious and the ingredient list is pretty darn impressive considering. As a warning it is the most addicting thing I’ve had in a long time!

I also did the worst thing ever and decided to listen to my running playlist while I was working.

Now all I can think about is getting out there for a run! Especially since I need to let my body slowly adjust to the weather so I can extend my outdoor runs as long as possible. The thought of running on a treadmill makes me want to cry. I am promising myself I won’t run at least another week. But starting 10/12 it’s fair game as long as I ease myself back into it slowly. 🙂

I got home from work and decided to foam roll my legs in an attempt to relieve some of the muscle pain. Unfortunately, someone had another idea. Apparently cats think foam rollers are toys…


It’s Friday and the weekend is almost here! I’ve got a weekend long study date with Bear. Good thing it’s going to be rainy and stormy here in Holland. 🙂

It’s a Sign

Holy October! When did that happen!?

I have been exhausted out of my mind trying to adjust to the new workout schedule and waking up at 4:45am. I have to re-train myself to be a morning person.

I made it to the morning group power class, which I haven’t been to in forever. I tried to keep up with the monsters in the class, including the 8 month pregnant woman next to me, and use real weight, but I had to drop it down a bit for some of the moves. My arms were on fire and my legs were so shaky. It was awesome and terrible at the same time. The instructor has the perfect back and arms- a muscular but lean build- so I just keep telling myself that if I want to look like that I need to suck it up and do one more rep. It’s great motivation!

I had talked about wanting to do the Gazelle Girl 1/2 marathon in the spring and yesterday I got this email:

I think it’s a sign! My plan is to wait until it gets closer to sign up so that I don’t end up getting injured and feeling pressured to run, but I am so stinking excited!

So true:

Racing is a weird, crazy addiction.

I have struggled more with the getting up early and not the clean eating, which I thought would be the total opposite, so that’s good. My body has been craving veggies, and getting up early makes me so hungry by the end of the day so I would literally eat an entire head of cauliflower for dinner.

Hope you have a great day! Hooray for Wednesday!