Devoted or Crazy?

I had every intention of working out on Saturday morning. I haven’t been able to make it to my weekend group power and spin classes but Bear wouldn’t let me go. He made me stay home and rest my knees instead. I hate when he’s smarter than me. 😉

The weather this weekend was so spotty and they were calling for thunderstorms both Saturday and Sunday. It was HOT HOT HOT and humid, so we couldn’t make plans to kayak, bike, run, etc.

I spent Saturday at the mall with Ashley and then we chowed down on Chipotle and spent the night outside with wine, bloody marys and our hubs.

My body decided to wake me up bright and early on Sunday at 5:30am. Yay! I decided to be productive and tackle organizing my closet, something I’ve been wanting to do for quite a while. I’d say it was a success as I am donating over 1/2 of what I had in there.

I also now have an excess of hangers…

We set up the pop up so we could clean and prep it for this week. Only 2.5 days stand between me and beautiful Higgins Lake State Park for a week of camping, biking, kayaking, swimming, etc, etc.

I started to do my food prep for the night and realized that I had not gotten kale, spinach or almond milk for my breakfast smoothies. I’m not sure if it was me being crazy or dedicated but I drove to the grocery store at 9:30pm to buy stuff for the morning.

So looking forward to the extra long weekend ahead.

Happy Monday!! 🙂

Accidental Twins

I woke up yesterday and couldn’t bend my knee it was in so much pain from softball. I think I run really weird because it’s only after I play softball. I iced it during work and noticed that I didn’t have any pain while sitting, walking, etc. just when I turned my right foot outward to the right. From what I’ve been reading it’s my LCL but I don’t know much more than that. Derek and I had a run date last night, and I ran up and down the driveway completely pain free so I decided to head out and stop the second I felt pain. I love running and obviously I’m training so I need to get my runs in, but I’m not going to risk really hurting myself in the meantime. It’s definitely not worth it.

I was really excited to be wearing my running skirt again. I freaking love this thing! But then, Bear walked in…

Neither of us felt like changing so we just rolled with it and were accidental twins during our run yesterday. I won’t pretend I didn’t love it. 😉

This was the most difficult 5 miles I have ran in a LONG time. We left a car at work, drive home and changed and then ran the 5 miles to work to pick up the other car. In 90-degree humidity. With two huge hills. I wanted to stop every single step of the way. I tried slowing my pace, that didn’t work. I tried stopping and stretching at intersections, that didn’t work. I was so severely dehydrated that I felt sick. It wasn’t good. I got 4.5 miles in, stopped for about 5 minutes to walk, and then finished the last 1/2 mile. I am not a ‘quitter’ when it comes to running, but I knew I needed to stop or it would be bad. I’m glad I was able to push through and finish, but it was so difficult.

I go through a checklist in my head when I’m running to see if I need to stop or if I just want to stop:
– Does anything hurt? Is it just sore muscles that can be pushed through or is it actual pain?
– Am I breathing correctly? Is there a way I can change it up to be getting more oxygen to my lungs?
– Am I getting overheated? Is it a normal ‘I’m just hot from running’ or is my body trying to tell me something?
– If I can ‘pass’ all of the questions above I ask myself do I NEED to stop or do I WANT to stop? If I were in a race and felt like this would I push through or would I stop?

Again, I’m not looking to injure myself, and yesterday was the perfect example. My legs, knees, lungs, etc. felt fine but my body was so overheated and I needed to stop and just cool down for 5. I probably could have pushed through it, and I would in a race, but it wasn’t worth it last night.

I came home and laid outside on the hammock for a good 30 minutes before hosing myself down.

It was one of those runs that make you appreciate the good ones. About 4 miles in Bear turned to me and said ‘wow, I can’t wait to run in the fall’. I couldn’t agree more. I was so pumped to be able to run outside once it got warmer, but hurry up crisp, cool air!

Hope you’re having a great weekend! I’ll update on our weekend shenanigans on Monday! 🙂

Try This Right Now!

I haven’t been to a bootcamp class in quite some time. Somehow I was able to convince myself to get up and go and holy moly am I feeling it today!

Yes, that’s my good friend ‘turf’ making an appearance again. This is a class where we do a 20-minute warmup, four stations of exercises for 6 minutes each (you try to do as many reps as you can of each of the exercises in 6 mins) and then a 20 minute cardio burst at the end. Great way to start the morning even though I was so tired and sore that I could have just crawled back in bed for the rest of the day.

I have a new favorite snack that you have to try RIGHT NOW! A friend of mine actually told me about this a few months ago and I thought it was weird, but now I’m 100% in love.

Rice Chex dipped in hummus. It doesn’t sound like anything special but it’s so good! Maybe I just like it because I really can’t eat crackers and I am not paying $8 for a box of 12 gf crackers. This way you get a ton in a cereal box for way cheaper. It’s the little things.

We lost our softball game last night by 1, which makes it even worse. At least we have fun while we’re playing and jogging to the outfield every inning plus sprinting to bases is good exercise. I did manage to twist my knee somehow, so I will be icing all day (what’s new?).

It’s Friday! I’m hoping to get outside and enjoy some fresh air this weekend even though they’re calling for thunderstorms (which I also love so I’m ok with that).

Have a great day!!

So Sore & % Loss

I woke up So. Freaking. Sore yesterday. Group power for the first time in running (aka weighted squats and lunges) plus running made me wake up feeling like I was hit by a bus. Is it weird that being sore from working out is so addicting? I try to switch it up to keep my muscles fresh and guessing what’s next, but apparently I haven’t been doing a very good job because a couple months without weight training definitely kicked my butt!

I forgot to report earlier this week that I had my body fat percentage measured on Monday and I’m down 2% since last quarter! 🙂 It wasn’t my goal of 3%, but it’s progress so I’m happy with it. I’m going to give myself a goal of losing another 3% by next quarter.

I went to crossfit at lunch today and I’m so glad I did. It was ALL arms today, which was killer.

No doubt I’ll have baby muscles by November. 😉

It was creepy cold out last night and the perfect condition for running. However, neither of us were in the mood to run. Sooo we settled on a bike ride instead.

We did about 5 miles and headed home for the greatest dinner of all time… Brinner.

I was starving and wanted something really filling so I went with bacon, egg whites with veggie cheese, gf toast and potato cubes. It definitely hit the spot.

The rest of the night was spent snuggled up in bed because I was so tired I could barely keep my eyes open through dinner. I miss the good ole college days where I’d stay up all night and then go grocery shopping at midnight.

Running Skirts and Rabies Awareness

I was apparently a bit camera happy yesterday, because I have a lot more pictures to share than I normally do.

I started the day off with 5am workout club for some group power.


Operation cross training/baby muscles is in full effect! It was ROUGH and I really didn’t even use that heavy of weights…sad. The instructor is super fit and gorg and I just tell myself ‘get through these reps and your arms will look like that (if only!!)’.

I bought cherries at the grocery store the other day and forgot how much I love them. I also forgot how much of a lady I look like while spitting seeds into a cup while at my desk. I know there are cherry de-seeders but that just seems like way too much work.

After work I went on a mission for some new workout clothes, which may be my favorite thing in the world to do. I ended up with some new tops, a pair of pants and a sports bra, which I was in desperate need of. I wish I could wear these clothes all day long! Bear also was in need of some running gear so it was a win all around.

He had a ton of yard work to do when he got home but we hadn’t ran in a few days so we knew we wanted to get at least a couple miles in. We decided to make it a short and speedy run because we were hungry and tired and just really didn’t want to be gone too long.

I really wanted to push and see how fast I could make myself go without being in so much pain or so out of breath that I couldn’t stand it. This pace was tough but honestly not as bad as I thought. Hubs threw out a number of 8 min pace just randomly and we wanted to see if we could do it. Oh so close (and I’ll take it)!

I was also pretty stoked to try out my running skirt. I bought this over a year ago but never really felt like trying it out. I can’t run in shorts so I’m usually a capri girl, but I think I may have been converted into a skirt runner.

It was so incredibly comfortable and I didn’t feel self conscious about my legs or anything at all. What I liked most about it was that it didn’t ride up at all while running. I’m curious to see if I get any chaffing during long runs, but the shorts are fairly long so I doubt it. I feel like I need to go out and buy 100 of these because I never want to run in pants again. My bday is 8/12 for anyone who is looking for ideas ;).

I had to post this pic because I made kale, spinach and mushrooms to go with my chicken last night and it’s so true…


The night ended with me laughing uncontrollably into my pillow watching the Rabies Awareness Fun Run episode of The Office, while trying not to wake up Bear.

Pretty great day if I do say so myself! The downside was that I did the math yesterday for some stupid reason and there are only 9 weeks until classes start. Barf!

Happy Wednesdayyyy!

Just Another Manic Monday

Okay, so it really wasn’t that manic, but you know how I like my routine. We got back LATE on Sunday and I went straight to bed. So that means no grocery shopping, food prep, relaxing or mentally preparing myself for the week ahead. I woke up on Monday exhausted and completely dreading having to go to work, which is uncommon because I love my job. Being gone Thursday at noon and Friday made for an eventful, stressful and busy morning, but at least the time flew by.

Remember how I said I was going to be SO GOOD about going to the gym in the morning for classes once I got back from vaca? Well, that didn’t happen. Considering I hadn’t had much sleep all weekend and I knew I had a million emails in my inbox I figured it’d be best for all if I hit the ‘ole snooze button and just work out during the day instead. So I hit up the crossfit class at work during lunch.

It wasn’t anything amazing, but at least it got me started for the week and it felt good to be doing anything other than riding in a car! I had eaten way too much gas station food on the trip, which I’m regretting (sort of… Not much else I could have done) and need a few good sweat sessions to detox.

I also called for some help from my fave green tea to get me through the afternoon.

I did my normal Sunday routine of grocery shopping/food prep and unpacked after work and then relaxed as much as I could the rest of the night.

I guess it wasn’t quite as manic as I thought, but boy am I glad it’s Tuesday! 🙂

Missouri Love

What a weekend. Such an amazing time spending time with friends and family and celebrating the love of two people who love each other so dearly.

We spent Friday at a cabin in Missouri (not sure exactly where) in the middle of nowhere. My cousin and I got a 3 mile run in and then it was great being able to relax and spend the rest of the day lounging in the water and exploring the land.


We got to the resort, Stonewater Cove in Shell Knob, MO on Saturday afternoon and spent the day once again lounging in the water with family. This resort was breathtaking.





Let’s just take a moment to appreciate the beauty of a waterfall shower.

We got ready and headed to the wedding, which was held outside just around the corner from our room.

My hot date for the night:

We headed back for dinner and dancing and finished off the night in the pool.


We left early Sunday morning to make the 10 hour trek back home. We stopped in Illinois to pick up our car and then got home just in enough time to go to bed for work in the AM.

It was an amazing weekend. The only regret was that we didn’t spend an extra night at the resort to be able to really enjoy it and take advantage of all of the amenities. So great to be able to celebrate with the new Mr. and Mrs. Petersen!!

Hope you all had a great weekend. NOT looking forward to work this morning, but I’m sure I’ll survive (actually, I’m not sure of that at all ;).

Road Trippin

I struggled through a 1/2 day of work yesterday and was beyond thrilled when 12pm rolled around. We had one more run left for the week, so we decided to knock it out before we hit the road.

This humidity is literally going to be the death of me. I’m hoping this is just great training for our 1/2 in September. I figure the more I train in conditions where I can’t breathe the better I’ll actually be able to breathe on race day. If it’s still this hot and humid for the race I’m not going to be a happy camper. It wasn’t our best run ever, but still not too bad.

I was starving after the run so I went for my fave avocado and rice cakes.

We hit the road and, of course, we had snacks with us. I tried the new Renola from Larabar, which wasn’t half bad.

I didn’t love that it wasn’t as crunchy as normal granola, but an acceptable stand in.

We made it to our destination in Illinois in just over 4 hours and it was pretty smooth sailing except for a little rain toward the end of the drive.

We picked up my cousin and her husband and hit the road again headed to Missouri.

These two are awesome and we always have such a blast. So sad that we live so far away. 😦

After a grocery stop we got to the cabin a little after midnight. Looking forward to a fun and relaxing day today.

Not sure if I’ll have much service this weekend, so I’ll likely see you again on Monday. Have a great weekend!

Training Revisited

Yesterday was a much needed and appreciated rest day and I took advantage of it as much as possible. It was a crazy stormy day, which I loved because I’m a thunderstorm lover.

The sky was black and when I left for lunch my automatic headlights came on. I just wanted to curl up in bed and sleep all day. Good thing there were no runs on the schedule.

A very important part of my recovery was some Qdoba. I promise their guacamole has healing powers.

Too bad there was more salt in this meal than in every other meal I’ve eaten all month and my wedding ring, which is now three sizes too big actually fit after devouring the entire thing.

Difficult runs make me really think about my training and what I should be doing differently. A few things that I’m going to try to focus on in the next few weeks:

– Sprints: they are great for building endurance and showing runners their full potential when it comes to speed.

– Core Work: I want to make sure that all of my muscles are as tight and strong as possible, not just my legs. They all work together to make runners stronger, speedier and help prevent injuries. Let’s face it, I really haven’t been working much but my legs lately.

– Cross Training: I was really good about the classes at the gym until the last couple weeks. I’m going to really try to make myself get up and go starting Monday when I’m back from vaca. It will help keep my endurance up and make sure my muscles stay strong even on days when I’m not running.

– Trail Running: this one is a biggie for me because it allows me to rest my joints a bit. The dirt is a lot more cushioned than the pavement, which is a plus for my knees. Trail runs are also great because they are extra challenging with the hills and stairs and make road runs feel way easy.

I’m obviously no expert as I’m training for my first half marathon, but I know my body and what I can handle. I also know when I should be pushing myself to do more. I think now that we’re far enough into our training plan it’s time to start focusing on what I’ve learned.

The night was spent packing and cleaning and getting ready for the weekend ahead. Can’t wait to be with family soon! 🙂

(Over) 1/2 Way There

We’re now 6 weeks into our 1/2 marathon training and are surprisingly still going pretty strong. I’m so, amazingly proud of us for our run yesterday (not to toot our own horn…). It was HOT and oh so humid, we were exhausted from working all day and still a little sore from our 10k on Saturday (we ran at a pretty fast pace so it took more out of our muscles than usual). We got home and had made up our minds that we weren’t going to run. We thought we needed another day or two and didn’t want to push ourselves. Somehow we then convinced ourselves to just get up and do it. We are leaving Thursday afternoon for the weekend and didn’t want to have that looming over us while we were on vacation. We chose to run by our house, which was great location-wise but terrible at the same time. Corn fields=no trees=no shade whatsoever from the sun. We ran one road that luckily was pretty shaded and every other road after that I made it my goal to just focus on running to the next bit of shade for relief. We had no water with us (a big no-no that I won’t be able to let happen again). I was really dehydrated by mile 5, which started to make me sick to my stomach. Again, the humidity definitely didn’t help with that at all. We got to mile 6 and I wanted to stop. I told Derek I’d run another 1/2 mile and then be done, but he wouldn’t let me stop. I’m so glad he didn’t because I was able to push through and finish the 7 miles at a slow 10 min/mile pace.

I learned a lot from this run and will definitely be keeping a lot of things in mind for our next long run. The plan that I found has us increasing our long run by 1 mile each week. We are in no hurry to finish our training plan, and as of now are about a month + ahead of schedule, so I am going to revise it a bit and add a few more weeks of a ‘shorter’ long run (6-7 miles). I can’t believe I am actually classifying 6-7 miles as a short run. 7 miles is officially over the 1/2 way mark to the 1/2 marathons 13.1 miles. I can’t believe how far we’ve come in such a short amount of time. So glad I have someone by my side who won’t let me quit or fail.

This is post-run. You can’t tell by the picture but we are covered in sweat. It’s pretty attractive.

On another note, we’re also 1/2 way through the year, which means another quarterly weigh in at work. I weighed in yesterday and am happy to report I am down 8lbs since March. I haven’t put a ton of pressure on myself to lose weight. Yes, I get discouraged when I hit a plateau and am stuck for a couple weeks, but I see the progress in my physical and mental strength and could not be more proud of myself. I have wanted this 365 days of health journey to be real. I work full time, am in grad school, and try to be as social as I can outside of work with softball, friends, etc. I also really hate the idea of dieting, so I wanted to be able to eat what I want in moderation (I can’t give up my sweet potato fries or gf/df ice cream bars-they sound gross but they are delicious).

I am about 9lbs away from the goal weight that I set for myself when I started this challenge and 41lbs down altogether as of this morning. I want to try to be at my goal by 8/12, which is my 27th bday, but I’m going to continue to take it one day, pound and mile at a time. I’ve found that when I start stressing about it is when all progress stops, which is even more discouraging.

I’m looking forward to the next couple months of training and seeing myself get stronger and reaching the goals that I’ve set for myself. But, for today, toot toot.

Happy Wednesday!