Spin & More Painting!

This was about as much as my eyes opened until 1/2 way through spin class yesterday.

I wish that was a joke. I’ve been terrible with my 5am workouts lately but it’s so nice to get them done and over with before my work day starts. This was an incredibly difficult spin class between not having gone in a week, sleepiness and humidity. I know I always say I’m drenched in sweat at the end but I’m really not kidding this time.

The plus side is that it is hotter than heck in our house lately so I certainly don’t miss my ‘nice warm bed’ like I did all winter.

I couldn’t do crossfit at work since I had a meeting immediately after and would have been even more of a disgusting mess afterward than normal, so I settled for the next best thing… A little lunchtime shopping at Target.

Usually this store never disappoints, but I’m sad to say I walked away with nothing. I did walk by the bathing suits, which gave me a motivational push to really kick it into high gear between now and July 4th! I’ll be putting together an ‘abs plan’ immediately.

After work the hubs and I got to work moving furniture out of the office in preparation of a fun painting weekend ahead. It’s pretty much the last big project we have on our schedule for the summer, so I’m looking forward to getting it knocked out quickly. Unfortunately, in order to get our office looking like this:


We had to turn our bedroom into this:

This is enough to send two crazily OCD people into a full-fledged panic attack. At least we get to sleep in the basement where it’s cooler. And it’ll give us more motivation to finish it quickly!

Happy Thursday!!

Embracing Tough Runs

As much as I was dreading getting to the gym after a weekend of food and fun (and no gym..whoops!) I am happy to say that I did actually make it down to use the treadmills at work.

Yes, I am still incredibly sunburnt and yes my sports bra rubbing against it was incredibly unpleasant.

I had 2.5 miles on the schedule for my half marathon training run and wasn’t really dreading it considering it’s a relatively short distance. I got about 1.5 miles in and had the worst pain I have ever felt in my lower abdomen. I knew it was nothing like the side stitches that I’m used to, so I slowed my pace immediately and hoped it would go away. No such luck. I stopped the treadmill and walked around the gym and laid on a medicine ball until it was gone. I’m thinking it was a combo of dehydration, not running for a few days and the food I ate, but I honestly don’t know because I have never felt anything like it. It managed to scare the crap out of me though, so I am now dreading my runs for the remainder of the week, especially since I have to do this one over again since I didn’t reach 2.5 miles. It’s always something. I am going to 100% listen to my body and take it easy with my runs this week to make sure this doesn’t happen again. I am choosing to embrace this run and appreciate the good ones that I have!

I am also determined to kick it into high gear between now and 4th of July weekend, so I’ll be gladly doing some cross training to keep my fitness up, which should help even more with my running. It’s crazy to me how quickly I lose motivation in the summer when it’s the time of year that I work for fitness-wise! If I have to be in a bathing suit in a month I sure as heck am not giving up now!!

The one good part of the workout was this song. It’s constantly stuck in my head lately! And I am a huge Clueless fan so I am obsessed with the video.

Happy WEDNESDAY! We’re halfway there! 🙂

Tuesday Blues

What a great weekend! Why must all good things come to an end!? We spent the weekend with the best of friends and the gorgeous weather in the mitten was the perfect way to kick off the summer. Here are some of the highlights in pictures:










Meghan and I have known each other since 6th grade and she is the one person who can push me out of my comfort zone and bring out my wild side, which is why Sunday ended with an extra hole in my face!!!

I also ended up with a pretty wicked sunburn because of my really awesome porcelain skin.

Don’t be jealous of this awesome tan line!

The long weekend ended with some food prep and relaxing with Bear. I was a little too lenient with my meals this weekend and am paying for it. You only live once though, right??! Back to the grind today AND the gym. At least it’s a short work week though. My body is actually craving veggies right now, so getting back on track shouldn’t be too hard (or at least I hope!!).

Happy MondayTuesday! My nose ring and I will be back tomorrow with an update on whether or not I actually survived the gym! 😉

Friday In Pictures

A Friday with few words and many pictures:

Easy 4-miler to finish off my training for the week.

Sweet potato fry re-fuel.

Some foam rolling for the calves.


Massive bonfire.

Ping pong tournament.


And the weekend is only just getting started!

More Ice!

Well, the weather has taken quite the turn in the past few days. It is now 20 degrees warmer that it has been all month and humid as all get out here in the mitten. As much as I love being able to run and train outside I learned one thing last night: my body is definitely not used to the hot and sweaty runs yet.

My pace yesterday definitely showed how much I was struggling. Overall not bad (for me!) and I am glad to say I was able to push through it without letting the humidity stop me, but man oh man was it tough.
I picked a new running spot since I was getting a little burnt out of the usual 3-mile loop by my house.

The plus was that I actually got to run on a sidewalk. This is particularly important for me because Derek says I have a death wish because for some reason I like to hug the white line when I run on the road. Whoops!

I knew it was hot because I actually enjoyed icing my knees last night.

I didn’t want to bury myself under 20 blankets like I normally do.

Training is going well so far! I’m really hoping my body adjusts quickly to the heat! I’m not complaining though, I’ll take this over the -497 degree winter any day!

Old Lady Status

Wow, I fell asleep around 9:00-9:30 and have never felt better. I was struggling to get through the work day, made it through a spin class, ate dinner with my eyes practically closed and then fell asleep. I feel like an old lady and don’t care one bit!

With that being said I obviously didn’t do anything exciting yesterday. I’m surprised I made it through spin in one piece!

Hope you’re having a great Wednesday!

I’m a Great Friend…

Who’s ready for the weekend? I already feel like this week is dragging, which is terrible considering it’s just getting started. Yesterday was one of those days where you start off with really great intentions, like walking to the locker room and changing your clothes for crossfit, but ends with you walking to froyo instead. Somehow I was able to convince Kelly and Genevieve that it was SO nice out that we should walk a mile, eat 5lbs of sugar, and then walk back instead of killing ourselves on our lunch break. I’m a really good friend.

While I love my lunch workouts I really could take them or leave them. I like to use them as a supplement to my other workouts so if they don’t happen I’m not too hard on myself.

Half marathon training week 2 started off with 2 miles with the hubs.

We were pretty happy with our pace. Derek is crazy fast and pushes me to really challenge myself with my pace, so I’m glad I have him (even though I want to push him into a ditch when we’re actually running and I can’t breathe ;)).

The night ended with a double dose of icing (no, not the good kind of icing). Yes, those are goosebumps.

Overall, it was a great day. It’s supposed to be a beautiful week and weekend, so I’m looking forward to getting out and running, biking and kayaking as much as I possibly can to soak it all in.

Here’s to hoping our week flies by!!

You’re Doing It Wrong

We had way too much fun on Saturday night for way too long. For a girl who goes to bed at 10pm on a normal night I was struggling around 1:30am. I finally made it to bed and the alarm went off at 7am to get up and ready for my SIL’s graduation from law school.



This girl is awesome and has worked so hard in addition to being an amazing competitive mountain biker. Congrats, Sarah!!

We went out to celebrate and had a feast. I ate more last night than I normally do in 2 days. No joke. To make it better we got stuck in traffic on our way home, too. So between the sleep deprivation, full stomach and traffic jam we were exhausted when we got back to Holland. Unfortunately, due to weather, we weren’t able to do our training runs until later in the week, so the last run of the week was yesterday. It was literally the last thing I wanted to do at 8:30pm on a Sunday. It took everything in me to get out the door, but running is sometimes just as mental as physical so I knew I needed to push through. Plus, it was only 3 miles and I have run that distance time and time again, so I knew that I could run it.

I started running and felt great. I was flying through my first mile at under an 8 minute pace, which is crazy fast for me. I turned the corner and was running directly into the wind. Not the best, and it slowed me down a bit, but I was able to hang in the 8-8:20 pace, still really good for me, so I was ok with it. I knew it was only a 1/2 mile that I would be running that direction so I was able to convince myself that it would be ok. My body felt great, so it was really all mental at that point. I finished that 1/2 mile and turned the corner to run the next mile stretch. For the first 1/4 mile I was moving along great. Then, all of a sudden, I got the worst side cramp of my life. It hurt so bad it took my breath away and all I wanted to do was cry. I knew I could either stop or just try to run through it as best I could. I wanted to test myself mentally so I continued to run but slowed my pace way down to about 9:30. I was able to manage and push through and get to the corner and knew I only had a 1/2 mile remaining as I turned onto the next street. I was feeling better so I picked up my pace. I stopped running as soon as I hit the 3-mile mark and have never been happier to be done running. Despite my side cramp episode it was a great run and I killed it time-wise. I actually thought my watch was broken at one point because I have never been able to run that fast before. I was amazed and so happy to have a personal best considering how much it felt that the odds just weren’t in my favor with this one. It made me feel like I’ve been doing it all wrong. Apparently I’ve been crazy to think that sleeping and eating right was key to a good run! ;?
I was a sweaty mess, as per usual.


I celebrated by laying on the floor for 20 minutes and not moving.

It’s amazing how much progress I’ve been able to make. I can tell that I’m getting stronger so it makes me that much more eager to keep cross-training and getting better and faster.

Total miles for the week: 7.5

Here’s to a great week ahead! Looking forward to a long holiday weekend!

Sweat, Starbucks and Fire

I started my Saturday out my favorite way:

A little group power (I’m really going to need some more upper body strength)


Followed by a little spin

I was dead by the time I left the gym yesterday. I clearly don’t do enough weights because my arms were shaking and my muscles were spasming through spin.

It’s really difficult to achieve this level of perfection in the sweaty bang department.

I have also discovered that I am not a protein shake person. Maybe I just need to get used to them, but the taste, texture, etc is just not for me. My blender bottle was cute though.

I had a hot date with Ashley and the mall. Two of my favorite things. Starbucks was a must.

I could drink a soy iced chai every day of my life. So good.

We kicked off the summer with the first bonfire of the year. It’s officially ok if the weather starts warming up.

Having a great weekend so far. Definitely not ready for it to end!

Bringing Back the 80’s

Things I love: being able to look outside while running. It looks all nice and springy out there but don’t be fooled. It was cold, windy and not happening for our run today.

Things I don’t love: when the second shift production team is having a BBQ and the grills are right outside the gym window.

Am I the only one who thinks that should be illegal?!!! Running and seeing burgers the whole time is not very much fun.

I was really smart and forgot my hair tie and had a mini panic attack because I cannot work out without a hair tie, let alone run. Luckily, I found a sweat band in my gym bag and was able to wrap it around 45 times to make it into a hair tie. I was looking pretty hot in my 80’s scrunchie.

The side view is the best. Look how far that sucker sticks out from my head!

I’ll be buying a pack of hair ties to keep in my bag to avoid this in the future. Wow, I guess my day wasn’t so bad if the worst thing that happened was me forgetting a hair tie (a bit dramatic, huh?).

The one perk of having curly hair is that it’s easy to disguise when you work out and transition back into the real world without washing it. I had a dinner date with the hubs and was way too lazy to do anything more than scrunch it and hairspray it.

Dinner was followed by a 20-minute knee icing. I’d really like it to warm up so it’s not so cold when I ice! I was under 100 blankets trying to keep warm. I don’t know how some runners do ice baths. Straight crazy.

The weekend is finally here! No major plans and I’m loving it! Have a great day!!