Sunday Runday

I was so sad to see the weekend come to an end. I hate living so far away from our visitors. Meghan and I have a plan for Good Friday (we have the day off of work and will be back on the east side for Easter) to hit up Whole Foods, Trader Joes and eat some delicious vegan food. The east side of the state has some seriously great stores. Get with it, Grand Rapids! Once they left Der and I did our grocery shopping and, once we realized how nice it was outside, decided to go on a run.

3 miles down the back country roads felt great. I actually started to get hot at one point!

Running makes me so happy!

We came back and did some stuff around the yard followed by some food prep for the week. I’ve been experimenting with some new recipes for healthy snacks. Can’t wait to try these raw bites!

I didn’t have a ton of homework so I decided to just procrastinate and do what I can throughout the week. I might be regretting that later, but I just couldn’t be cooped up all day. I didn’t even have any desire to go to the gym-I needed to soak up all the Vitamin D that I could. I have a lot due before the end of the semester so I should probably start using my time wisely the next few weeks.

Anyone have any healthy snack recipes they want to share?? I’ve been stuck in a snack rut.

Shopping Is My Cardio

On Friday I had every intention of waking up and getting to the gym early for group power and spin. This was also before I decided to stay up until 3am. I’m not much of a drinker, so the 2 hard ciders and 1/2 a glass of wine left me with a killer headache when I woke up (I really need to stop partying so hard). I was up in time for the classes, but decided I would have been wayyy too miserable to make it through. So, Meghan and I decided on a little shopping cardio instead.

We got back and napped (ok, that might have just been me) and headed to dinner. We had intentions to go bowling but decided it would be much more fun to rent a movie and do what we do best- lay around in sweats with popcorn.



Air popped popcorn for the win.

This is what happens when you marry/date an engineer with the heart of a child. I’ve never seen two adults so excited to play with Legos.

We watched The Wolf of Wall Street and all decided that if it wasn’t 4 hours long it would have been way better.

For the record the nail strips don’t stay on any longer than regular nail polish. Fail.


The weekend was so much fun and, just as expected, it went by way too fast. I definitely ate way too much and am looking forward to getting to the gym ASAP.

Photo Friday

I feel like I took a million pictures yesterday, so this is going to be a photo-filled post!

I wanted to start the day out with spin (my fave), so I drug my butt out of bed at 4:45am for the first time on a Friday. It was one of my favorite instructors and she made sure we killed it in class. Yesterday was the true model of how unpredictable weather can be here in the mitten. When I left for the gym it was 50-degrees. Not even two hours later I left and it was pouring and had dropped 10-degrees. I looked out the window an hour after I got to work and it was a white-out blizzard. I don’t get it and my co-workers and I just kept saying ‘this can’t be real life’.

I’m really loving rice cakes lately in place of toast/bread. My concoction yesterday was rice cake, almond butter and bananas.

I was so antsy all day in anticipation for our friends to get into town. As soon as they did Meghan (more affectionately know to me as May) and I headed to hot yoga.

I’m really not a yoga girl, but feel so good working up a sweat in hot yoga classes… Ok, it’s more like pouring sweat from every inch of my body (cute). The class was Shake Your Asana and it’s my favorite class because they play upbeat music during class. Yesterday was a 90’s playlist. It was hard not to belt it out when Wilson Phillips came on (Bridesmaids, anyone?).


We hosed off and headed to dinner after class in downtown Holland to an Irish pub called The Curraugh.

Their gluten free menu was a little limited but they modified one of their pasta dishes for me.

Spinach, artichoke, garlic, sun dried tomatoes, portabella mushrooms, onions and red peppers in a tomato sauce with chicken (normally served over penne pasta). Holy wow this was delicious. I will be going back again for this.

We headed across the street to Our Brewing after dinner for drinks. It’s a smaller brewery with tables and board games set up, a live band and laid-back environment.


We ran into cutest Kelly and Becca and played Jenga and some card games.



We all ended up back at our house playing Cards Against Humanity and staying up way passed my bedtime.

It was a great night but my head is not loving me this morning. I don’t drink a lot, so everything affects me way faster than it should.

Hope your weekend is off to a great start! Anything fun happening tonight?

Interval Workout

I have literally woken up every day this week so glad that I had taken time out on Sunday for food prep. I don’t know what it is but I just am not motivated to be a normal human being this week, so not having to do things like think about what to eat has been amazing. Yesterday was a prime example as I ate the weirdest combo of foods for lunch all because they were already prepared.

Hard boiled eggs in the oven is one of my new favorite things.

Thursdays have become cutest Kelly workout days, so we coordinated our schedules and decided on a time to hit the gym. We have been loving our interval workout, but needed to change it up a bit, so I decided to create my own using the old one as inspiration. I love interval workouts so much because they are a great workout but broken into sections so you don’t feel like you have THAT much time left on abs or arms, etc. You can trick your mind into thinking it’s not so bad. Here’s the one I came up with yesterday:

When I made it I thought I was going to be disappointed because it didn’t seem too hard, but it ended up being pretty challenging and a great workout! I also apparently just enjoy a mid-afternoon photo shoot.



On a side note, I really need to invest in some new dress pants. I got desperate this morning and wore an older pair that is now a few sizes too big. It resulted in some awkward stares and it was extremely uncomfortable feeling like they could fall down at any minute. I know, not a bad problem to have… but it’s quite the challenge to find pants when you’re 6’0″!!

I am SOOO happy it’s Friday and that I get to spend the weekend with two of my favorite people. I have a feeling it’s going to fly by, but here’s to hoping that’s not the case!


SOMETIMES you have to go into work early and can’t go to spin class, which upsets you way more than it should…but your alarm goes off at 4:45am and you can’t go back to sleep.

SOMETIMES you wake up and are so thirsty that you drink 3 tumblers of water because you can’t even think straight until you hydrate.

SOMETIMES you get your body composition calculated and obsess all day about how you can reach your new fitness goal of -2% in 12 weeks.

SOMETIMES you are driving the same company car that you drive every week on the way to a supplier and finally realize that there is a heated steering wheel.

SOMETIMES your meeting lasts for 3 HOURS and you get back in time for a 15-minute lunch.

SOMETIMES you are so busy that you don’t have time to go to the gym and run like you had planned and are just really not happy about it. REALLY NOT HAPPY.

SOMETIMES you are so over the day that all you can manage to whip up for dinner is an Amy’s GF/DF burrito and guacamole (wife of the year). Ps it doesn’t photograph well.


SOMETIMES you’re so terrible at painting your fingernails that you are forced to try nail effect strips. Not too shabby… We’ll see how long they last.


And SOMETIMES you have nothing witty and clever to say on your blog so you just summarize your day and hope your readers take pity on you. 🙂

Rock Music and Avocado

Tuesdays workout was the 5:30am total conditioning class at the gym. If you recall from last week, it was a crazy hard class with a lot of ‘animal moves’. The normal instructor was back yesterday and he wasn’t as tough as last weeks instructor, but it still was no joke. The best part of having him back is that he plays the best music out of any instructor, hands down. The first half of the class was ACDC aka one of my favorite rock bands of all time. My husband and I walked into our wedding reception to ACDC, that’s how much I love them. Part of the class was jump roping. I haven’t jumped rope since I was 12.. And I have the welts on my shins from failing miserably to prove it. I didn’t love waking up to this little surprise.

It was so unexpected that it actually freaked me out when I opened the garage door.

For some reason I was starving when I got home from the gym, so I knew I wanted something a little more filling than a smoothie. This led to one of my favorite breakfast creations of all time.

Brown rice cake with mashed avocado, lemon and lemon pepper. SO good. I had two but I was too busy eating one while trying to take this picture. My obsession with avocado just keeps growing.

The weather definitely didn’t disappoint today as one minute there was a full on blizzard and the next minute there was blue sky and sunshine. The back and forth stressed me out so much that I decided I needed a mid-afternoon treat.

Genevieve and I hopped across the street to Starbucks for a little pick me up. Mine was an unsweetened green tea frappuccino with soy milk. It was delicious but I definitely couldn’t drink this all the time. I am a green tea fanatic and this was really strong for me. Still a great way to kick off the second half of the work day.

Econ wasn’t as terrible as it usually is, and there are only 2 more lecture periods before we turn in our final exam and our pricing project presentations. The end is in sight! I can’t even think of how much I have to do between my two classes until the end of the semester, but I know it’ll fly by.

I got home and watched the end of the Red Wings game with Bear while doing something I seriously don’t enjoy one bit.

I’m pretty horrible at painting my nails, but they really needed some TLC.

Is anyone else as bad as I am at painting their nails? I feel like I should be getting better after almost 27 years of doing it…

Spin Obsessed

So this morning I put a few too many chia seeds in my smoothie and let it sit a little too long. The result was a tar-like goo that was nearly impossible to suck up a straw. I drank as much as I could (because it was delicious) even though it felt like a workout on its own.

I couldn’t love spin class more if I tried. It’s the perfect way for me to get my cardio in without killing my knees by running every day. I have never sweat so much doing anything as I do in spin class, and when I’m done I feel like I have had the greatest workout.


MVP has these cool little sign in stations that give you points for each class that you take. You can turn in points for clothing, guest passes, food and drinks, etc. You can also log on to your profile online and see how many classes you’ve done for the week, month, etc. I seriously love this gym.
My new shoes were the greatest investment and give me so much more power and control.

I’ve literally been sweating my butt off during my workouts. I took this as a progress pic so I can see how my body changes as my workouts continue. Maybe it should have taken a before pic. Whoops.

My countdown to the weekend has begun. We have some very special visitors coming on Friday and I am looking forward to some hardcore workout, laughing, shopping and snuggle time. 🙂 My Monday literally flew by, so I’m hoping the rest of the week does as well! Fingers crossed!

Hope you’re having a great week so far!

Food Prep & Motivation

Happy Monday!

My Sunday was not very exciting, so I apologize in advance. I woke up and made breakfast for me and Bear and then dove into homework, as per usual. I also did a little food prep to get the week started.

Cut up and bagged my veggies for lunches, cut up more veggies to make steaming them quick for dinner, baked some sweet potatoes, made turkey meatballs (one of my faves and go-to meals) and some hard boiled eggs.

I am NOT gifted at all when it comes to hard boiling eggs, so I was so happy to find a recipe to make them in the oven! Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes and then put them immediately into ice water for 10 minutes to stop them from cooking. It worked! And they were delicious!

Sunday group exercises classes start at 3, so I set an alarm for 2:30 so I’d leave on time. When my alarm went off I hadn’t even finished 1/2 of my to-do list, so I accepted the fact that the gym just wasn’t going to happen. I even changed and went into the garage like I was going to leave, but felt so guilty about not finishing my homework (mom, why did you have to teach me to be so responsible?!!?) that I turned around and went back inside.

I’ve been doing a lot of cardio and really feeling it in my knees. Not a bad pain, just a tired and slightly over-used pain. So I decided to ice them for a bit today. I used to have to ice after every run, but now I’m just doing it when I feel like I should.

And because the night just wouldn’t be complete without dessert:

Two of my favorite things. Enjoy life anything and dark chocolate Silk almond milk.

One thing that’s really kept me going with my 365 days of health challenge is being motivated by others and, as cheesy as it sounds, quotes that I find. Here are a few of my favorites:

This is one that my husband encourages all the time. I tend to pick out the negative things rather than seeing the positive, which upsets me even more. Thinking positive thoughts encourages me to push harder through tough workouts and when I’m feeling blah.

Putting my heart into everything that I do also keeps me going. If I wasn’t putting my all into making myself healthy and focusing on my fitness goals there is no way I would be able to get up at 4:45am most mornings.

This one I love even though I’ve never ran a marathon. As a runner I can only imagine how it feels pushing through the last few miles of a long race.

Regardless of what it is, it’s important to find the one thing that keeps you motivated to reach your health and fitness goals. Here’s to starting the week off right!

Pain is Temporary

It felt amazing to sleep in yesterday. My body normally wakes me up around 7am on the weekends and I can get to spin or group power since all the Saturday classes are in the morning, but somehow I managed to sleep in until 9am. I can’t remember the last time I slept in that late. My body must have really (I was starting to feel way too mentally drained), so I’m not bummed about missing those classes at all.

It was fairly decent weather, so Bear and I decided to head to Saugatuck and run some stairs. We had done it once before (walking, not running) last year and it was killer. I don’t remember the total count, but they’re steep and they feel never ending. Those people in the pic below aren’t even at the top.


We ran as many as we could, and just when we stopped to take a break we saw this:

Someone wrote ‘the pain is temporary’ on one of the steps. We figured there was no way we could stop after reading that, so we pushed through it. Such a great reminder when you feel like your quads are about to burn off. This was our view from the top:

I love living in the mitten more and more each day.

Ignore the day old makeup and the ratty hair.

Saugatuck is great because there are tons of places to run, and it’s only about 15 minutes from our house. Plus, it’s beautiful and full of people who love to exercise, so it’s super motivating. I’m really looking forward to spending more time there this summer.

We got our grocery shopping out of the way after we ran. Disclaimer: do NOT grocery shop when you’re hungry immediately following a workout because you will somehow buy double the amount of food you normally do. It started to get grey and gloomy, so I worked on some homework and just laid around, which was really nice.

Leave it to me to get bored while relaxing. I’m so used to going going going that I get restless when I sit down. So, I found a Jillian Michaels (obsessed with her) video online to fill up 40 minutes of my day.

Still loving my 365 days of health challenge and how my body and mind have started to transform. We do healthy weigh-ins at work and I am down 18lbs since my last weigh-in. I’m proud of how motivated and dedicated I’ve become to health and fitness. I’m only 3lbs away from another big milestone weight-wise, so that’s my focus right now. Taking it a few pounds at a time has been the best way for me to stay focused and not be discouraged by not losing 40lbs all in one day.

Hope you’re having a great weekend. I can’t believe it’s almost over!

Tornado Run

I was way too excited when I woke up and saw the forecast for today. I’ve been wanting to run outside since the 5k last weekend, but class and life has gotten in the way. The news said 48 degrees and overcast with rain later in the day. I left for lunch and it was absolutely GORGEOUS outside. I couldn’t wait to get out of the office and lace up my Mizunos. I was even MORE excited when I got a request from a certain Bear (my nickname for my husband) to run with me. 🙂

Holland is pretty awesome in that we have Lake Michigan, a beautiful and well developed downtown area and then more of a ‘country’ feel to the south. Our house is on the south side, a little more secluded from the rest of town (just how we like it). It makes it great for running because of the long and normally not too busy back roads.

We decided on a 3 mile loop, and good thing because it was a WINDY run! Somehow we ended up running into the wind twice, which slowed me down and really made it tough for my legs. The worst part was that my hair was all up in my eyes for the entire 3 miles. Tornado runs are not my favorite runs.

We got home and had a competition to see who could hold their legs up the longest. I won because Derek cheated 😉

I see that my purple obsession has continued. I’m thinking it might be my lucky workout color (is that a thing?).

We went out with a group of friends after our run to re-fuel with barbecue sauce.

I got the only thing I can eat there- naked tenders with chips and salsa. Delicious nonetheless.

The rain held off until later last night, and is supposed to turn into snow. I’m hoping that’s a joke. I need it to be a joke. So glad the weekend is finally here and that we have no real plans whatsoever. I’m doing a body fat composition measurement at work on Wednesday morning, which is offered through the wellness program, so no skipping workouts or eating crazy meals until then. The weekends just make it that much harder.

How do you like to stay healthy over the weekend so you don’t lose momentum?