Circuit Workouts and Snow Mounds

Yesterday started with yet another blizzard, which kept me from making it to the 5:30am boot camp class. I came to the conclusion that attempting to drive through the 12′ snow drifts that form on our street was not smart, especially considering Derek wasn’t there to come to the rescue. Probably the best life choice I’ve made in a long time because I counted 9 cars stuck in the snow between our house and the stop sign 1 mile away.

I threw clothes and shoes into my gym bag to take to work having no idea what my intentions were for a workout buy knowing that I would need to figure it out and fit one in eventually. Kelly (my fitness partner in crime) and I decided on this workout that I found on Instagram:


Wow. This workout was so exhausting. We substituted the 10 minutes of spinning with 10 minutes of running instead. The second circuit was killer and the last 10 minute run felt like the longest 10 minutes of my life. I was really pleasantly surprised with this workout. I really like the group fitness classes because I push myself a lot harder than when I workout on my own, but having Kelly there helped to push me through it.

The only thing that separated me from my husband and friends (and a day off…hallelujah) after work was my 3 hour business class. I rode to Grand Rapids with my favorite Kimbles, and for some reason I thought it’d be a great idea to get out of the truck into a snow bank. After all, I have waterproof boots so I’m basically invincible. I ended up falling on the ice and landing chest first on the bank and covering my bags (and myself) in snow.

It wasn’t my proudest moment. I think I managed to get up fast enough that only 10 people saw me laying there. I’m so cool.

Class lasted 17849493 hours and then we were finally off! I can hardly wait for the weekend ahead. I’m not a very graceful skier, and considering my track record over the past few days I’ll be lucky to make it out of there with no broken bones. Fingers crossed!

Anyone have anything fun planned for the weekend? Snowboarding vs. Skiing- what’s easier for beginners? Considering my unsuccessful attempt at snowboarding last year I’m really hoping this whole skiing thing works out for me.

I’m Going to Turn Orange

I’m starting to worry about my latest obsession of sweet potatoes. I used to think they were way too sweet, but lately I can’t get enough!

I’m especially impressed with these store-bought sweet potato chips. I try to stay away from processed foods (mainly because I can’t eat most of them), but sometimes convenience wins.

I love them because they’re not salted and the only ingredients are sweet potatoes and sunflower oil. So good! Is it possible to turn orange from the food you eat??!

Yesterday was hot yoga day for my 365 days of health challenge. In January, as one of my New Years resolutions, I stated that I waned to practice yoga more frequently. Well, that hasn’t really been happening so I figured I’d better get my butt in gear and try to make it to at least one class a month. Funky Buddha in Holland is a relatively new studio and I’ve taken a few classes and workshops there in the past and really enjoy the instructors and classes overall.

Yesterday’s class was power vinyasa, which is a class that focuses on weight loss, increased strength and flexibility and mental focus. I think I sweat more in that class than I ever have in my entire life. It felt great to stretch after the strength training that I’ve been doing, but I don’t know that I’m graceful enough for yoga. It may end up being a once a month type of thing for me.
When I got home I realized I had continued my purple streak for the week. Shocker.


After class I had to run to Meijer to pick up a few things. I forgot that I only had my brown riding boots that I had worn to work. I was a real class act considering how short my pants were in comparison.


The rest of the night was filled with packing, cleaning and homework, followed by a little Survivor watching. Best. Show. Ever.

I’m very excited because today is my Friday. Heading up to Boyne with a group of friends for a weekend of skiing, snowshoeing and lots of laughs. I also get to re-unite with my husband after 5 days apart. He’d been up north snowmobiling with friends and is meeting us there. My heart is so sad when he’s gone, so I cannot wait!

Hope your week is going well! Anyone else a survivor fan? I want a buff so bad!

It’s A Sign

I was finally able to get a decent nights sleep, so when my alarm went off this morning I actually wasn’t dreading it. This was my first group power class that I’ve done on a Tuesday morning and it honestly may be my last. I was not impressed with this instructor at all. It was a really good workout, like usual, but she didn’t call out what we were supposed to be doing until 1/2 way into the move. So you just had to guess what was going to come next or you’d be way behind. There’s a total conditioning class on Tuesdays at the same time that I really wish I would have tried instead. I did learn that the classes are changing starting next week, so I’m interested to see what the new AM lineup looks like.

I’m not quite sure where my purple obsession came from all of a sudden.


I’m becoming increasingly obsessed with my morning smoothies. I discovered chocolate almond milk in the baking aisle.

It seriously grosses me out so much that it’s not refrigerated, but I decided to give it a shot anyway. Mixed with my fave almond butter I knew there was really no way I could go wrong.

The final result:

20140225-161440.jpgSO good- this will be happening for the rest of the week.

Lunch was particularly depressing today. I had a ‘lunch and learn’ training at work and the meal that was provided ended up being pizza. So. Much. Pizza.

It would have been fine if I’d had time to eat beforehand. But having to sit for a hour with pizza smell on an empty stomach was torture.

I turned in my Econ final last night!!! I celebrated when I got done with the most delicious leftover cookie from our girls night. Knowing that it was waiting for me when I got home made the 3 hours of class much more bearable.

Since my post about running and my knees feeling so awesome yesterday I’ve gotten two emails about local 1/2 marathons. One for Park2Park in Holland at the end of September and the other for Gazelle Girl in Grand Rapids in April. I think it might be a sign. I’m not committing to anything, but I really want to run a 1/2 marathon this year, so it’s something that I’m definitely going to keep in the back of my mind.


Plus, the Gazelle Girl race swag may be too cute to turn down.


Hope everyone is having a great week! Anyone have any races planned this year?

Monday Runday

I think my ambitiousness toward my homework on Sunday got the best of me. I stayed up until midnight working on school stuff and even though I was mentally exhausted my brain just wouldn’t shut off. By 2am I finally decided to shut off the tv and try to force myself to sleep. When my alarm went off at 4:45am for spin class I sat up, contemplated it for 1/2 a second and realized that there was no way I would be able to function as a normal human being at work on less than 3 hours of sleep. So I made the executive decision to hit snooze for a couple more hours.

I ended up continuing my streak of ‘Monday Runday’ with a quick 2-miler due to my lack of time. I’ve been so happy that my runs have caused no knee pain at all lately. I think I’m gonna stop playing it so safe on my distance and speed and see how I do. The only downside was that my shoe came untied at mile 1.85. I decided to risk it and just keep going. Luckily, it didn’t end as badly as I anticipated.

I really love running to this song lately and got really excited when it came on:


I don’t know what’s wrong with me but I cannot get it through my head that I need to take off my necklace before I run. I don’t know how many times this has happened to me.

I spent the next 20 minutes having to untangle this mess.

I got home and wanted to do a quick ab video, so I went with one that I did a lot on a 30-day challenge that I did back in November:

It’s a really good workout for a 20-minute video (even if it is a little cheesy). I’ve been working out a lot but don’t really do much to focus solely on my abs, so it was killer.

I had a much-anticipated girls night with Ashley and Sami on the calendar. They invited me into their book club, but I didn’t tell them that I only read 2 chapters (fail). It’s not a bad book but I haven’t had the extra time. The night included wine so I obviously wasn’t going to miss out just because I forgot the tiny detail of actually reading the book club book.

Ashley has a gift of being able to find a recipe and make it taste and look better than the pictures. She tried her hand at sushi last week, so that was our vote for dinner.


Veggie sushi, sautéed shrimp and edamame with our wine and the most amazing gluten and dairy free cookies for dessert (with some more wine, of course).

It was so delicious! I’ll have to talk her into making it again soon and sharing her recipe for all 12 of you who read this blog.


Awesome food, good wine and great company. I would have signed up for this club a long time ago had I known wine was mandatory. Can’t wait to not read the next book 😉

Workout Clothes Are The Best Clothes

Yesterday was one of the most draining days I’ve had in a while, both mentally and physically. I’m actually not sure that I’m alive right now as I write this. I woke up bright and early and ready to start the long day of studying and homework that I knew was ahead of me (because what else would I do on a Sunday?!!). I made my list at 9am: 4 chapters of reading and 2 papers for my BUS class plus finishing my Econ midterm and writing a paper for that class as well. By 1pm I had gotten through 3/4 of a chapter and basically completed my midterm. A friend came over to work on some homework at 2, and by 3 I knew I needed a mental break so I headed to the gym.

I have quickly become obsessed with this outfit that I bought yesterday. I don’t know what it is about athletic clothes that makes me so happy, but this one in particular made me so excited to go to the gym. Maybe that’s the key to motivation: new outfits. I might have to try that more often ;).


I had the intention of going to boot camp and then calling it a day. I really love this class because it’s been such a great workout every time, even with different instructors. I know that each circuit is only 6 minutes and then I get a break, so it’s easy to convince myself to keep going. And on the days I feel like really challenging myself I just push harder and move faster.


I went to class with a friend and somehow she talked me into staying for another class that immediately followed. I was feeling a little crazy, so I toweled off, filled up my water bottle and came face to face with my enemy:


In group power we use the step as a bench for overhead presses and triceps dips. In group blast we use the step as an actual step. This class had no online description, so I had no idea what I was walking into. It succeeded in making me feel like a complete uncoordinated fool. Step classes apparently have their own lingo and code words that normal non-step obsessed humans don’t understand. The class wasn’t necessarily hard, it just moved way faster than I expected. I think I spent more time staring at the instructor with a look of confusion than moving. It actually ended up being a really great workout, especially following boot camp. The instructor even said I did a great job (she clearly needs to get her eyes checked), but I don’t know that I’ll make this class part of my regular Sunday routine.

I followed up the gym with some errands and grocery shopping, then meal prep for the week when I got home. I FINALLY finished my Econ midterm (I think I deserve a cupcake) and knocked out some more reading for BUS. When midnight rolled around I decided it was probably time to call it a night before I dropped dead on the living room floor from exhaustion.

Looking forward to the week ahead. I have Friday off so I’m hoping the short week goes by quickly!

Who else thinks that workout clothes should be considered ‘work appropriate attire’? I’m thinking of calling HR and getting the handbook changed.

Cheetah pants and tapas

I woke up yesterday eager to get to the gym and make up for my crappy Friday. Group Power was intense, as per usual, and definitely kicked my butt. I love this gym because of all of the classes, but it’s there are so many members and the classes fill up so fast on the weekends. I got there 20 minutes before class started and of course the only spot left was at the front of the class. It was great for motivation though. When I felt like slacking or skipping a rep I remembered that there were 40 people staring in my direction judging me.


There was a girl in front of me that had the cutest leopard workout pants. I spent half of the class creepy-stalker staring at her to try to figure out the brand. Nike. Got home and immediately googled them. No longer sold in stores. Biggest letdown ever.


I planned on being semi-productive and tackling some of this weeks homework mountain, but decided to do the responsible thing and have a girls day instead with my friend Ashley.

First stop was lunch at SanChez in Grand Rapids. Neither of us had ever been there, but Ash read online that it was an allergy friendly restaurant, and considering how annoying we are when we go out to eat (gluten and dairy intolerance for me and corn, tree nut and wheat allergy for her..she’s way more legit though and even gets to carry a sweet epi pen) we thought we’d give it a shot. They were fantastic and extremely accommodating. It’s a tapas restaurant so we decided to split some things.
Round one: Rice, grilled asparagus and garlic shrimp in olive oil


Round two: steak and sautéed onions


And, best of all, dessert: I had a vegan s’more minus the graham cracker. It was toasted coconut iced cream, peanut butter and vegan chocolate. Ashley had a flourless chocolate cake with raspberry sauce:



Everything was so good. Especially the dessert! If you’re in the Grand Rapids area I highly recommend it. You definitely won’t be disappointed.

Our second stop was the GR Public Museum to see the dinosaurs exhibit because we’re awesome.



Finally, Ashley had to try on a bridesmaid dress for a wedding she’s in, so we headed to David’s Bridal and re-planned our weddings. I’m trying to convince Derek to renew our vows for our 3 year anniversary this year so I can wear this baby:


This was Ashley’s choice. She told the saleswoman she had been married for 8 years and was prepping for her 10 year anniversary so she’d need this dress.



The second pose is her ‘deep in thought seductive bride pose’.

We ended the night with a little TJ Maxx, Nordstrom Rack and Target. Fan-freaking-tastic day and 5 million times better than doing homework. I think my legs are officially mad at me after all the walking we did. Ashley even pointed out that I was limping by our last stop.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Skipping Workouts

My alarm went off at 4:45am for spin class and I as I was lying in my warm, comfy bed listening to the wind threaten to remove every last shingle from my house I thought there was no way in H-E-L-L I was getting up. No big deal, I’ve got options and have learned to be flexible with my workouts. So I went through all possible scenarios in my mind…

  • I could run at the gym at work…but I already decided no more running for my knee’s sake this week (crap)
  • I could use the machines at work… but I did that the day before and my hips/thighs are killing me. Plus, I like to try to rest a day between muscle groups (double crap)
  • I looked at the gym schedule and realized that there was only one group fitness class after work that I could make it to, but I’d have to leave at 4. If I got in early and worked through lunch I would be able to finish up my work for the week and make it in time no problem (score!)

I watched the clock all afternoon, knowing I would have to be conscious of my time, and when 3:30pm rolled around I knew it just wasn’t going to happen. Having to be a responsible adult is just no fun sometimes. (triple crap)

Derek and I have a standing dinner date on Friday nights after work (a tradition I am not willing to break) so I knew I had missed my window of opportunity for the day. I felt like such a failure (ok, that’s a bit of an exaggerated word), because I had purposely taken off Tuesday to give my body a rest day and kept thinking ‘if I had only gotten up when my alarm went off I could have avoided this whole thing’.

I then realized that my 365 days of health challenge included not only physical health, but mental health as well.  I wanted to do something yesterday that would give me some mental clarity and prepare me for the long weekend of homework ahead. So Derek and I hopped into the car and drove to one of our favorite places ever:


We are so lucky to live in one of the most beautiful places on earth and so close to Lake Michigan. It was just what I needed to clear my head and re-group. Physically I may have missed the mark , but I still consider yesterday a win. 

Back in the gym this morning for a sweat sesh followed by some girl time and a dinosaur adventure with Ashley. 



If you’re joining me from my last blog, thanks for making the move with me! I’m excited about continuing my new journey, and Six Foot Fit will help me stay focused on my new goals.

If you’re just joining me, HI! I’m Megan. You can read about what this blog is all about HERE and can see what this whole 365 days of health challenge is all about HERE (you’ll hear about it a lot)!

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Chocolate Cake and Wall Squats

Let’s talk about how difficult it is to work in an office with constant donuts, bagels and birthday treats in the form of delicious cookies and cake. So.Much.Cake. This wouldn’t be a bad thing if cupcakes weren’t one of my favorite things ever. Fortunately and unfortunately for me my gluten intolerance keeps me from eating everything in sight. However, if I ever ran into a magical genie who could grant me one wish it would be the ability to eat cupcakes without pain. It wasn’t a problem until this happened:


I thought I’d be nice and save a piece for my also cake-loving husband (one of the many reasons I married him ;). I had to keep it at a distance to avoid temptation.


Yes, I’m well aware of how ridiculous I am.

I decided to take advantage of the work gym for my workout this afternoon, and was lucky enough to have the cutest Kelly join me. I speed-walked for a bit on the treadmill to warm up (not running again until next week just to be safe), did some quad-strengthening machines:



And finished it up with some core work, with some wall squats mixed in


All the while thinking about cake.

I also had the pleasure of driving to class in a torrential downpour. It reached monsoon status just as I was parking, causing me to look a little too much like a wet dog for the next 3 hours. Not the most comfortable I’ve ever been in class. The worst part was that my jacket refused to dry, so every time I would lean back the entire back side of me would get wet all over again. Mother nature: 1.

It’s Friday! Any plans for the weekend? If a genie could grant you any wish what would it be? If you say anything other than cupcakes you’re crazy ;).


I’ve decided that I really love working out in the morning. Not only does it give me an energy boost for the rest of the day, but I feel like I’m 10x more focused and put in so much more effort. I’m convinced it’s because I’m not fully awake and it’s over before I realize what I’m asking my body to do. Love that I’m done with my workout before the sun rises.



I started the day out with an awesome spin class yesterday. The instructor’s daughter was there for class and it was her 21st birthday. So to celebrate, she thought it would be a great idea to do a 21 MINUTE HILL CLIMB! If you’ve never taken a spin class just imagine riding your bike up a hill that gets steeper and steeper for 21 minutes straight.  I was drenched by the end of the class, my face was beat red for the next hour, and my legs didn’t want to cooperate for the rest of the day. But I kind of loved it.

The best part of the day was that the sun finally came out! It was a whopping 40* outside, and I was ready to put on my suit and head to the beach. Don’t let that sad little grey cloud fool you.

Screen shot 2014-02-19 at 6.47.50 PM

WebMD has convinced me that I suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)…yes, that’s a real thing. So the sun being out while I was out for lunch was a big deal. Don’t tell me you don’t self-diagnose via WebMD. I’ve considered installing a light box (one of the recommended treatments) over my desk until I’m cured. In all honesty, I have zero energy during the winter months and have to blame it on something other than laziness.

We decided to celebrate this heat wave the best way possible:


Anyone else crazy like us and use their grill even with snow on the ground? We have to flip a coin to see who the lucky one is to go flip the chicken in a snow storm, but you just can’t beat the taste of a good ole BBQ.